On May 28, 2016, 15000 tons of dual fuel chemical tanker ship completed her maiden voyage. This ship is owned by Sweden company Terntank, and was build by AVIC Ship Company. It is the world first ship that uses duel fuel mode to operate with both diesel and LNG gas. When the ship switches from diesel mode to gas mode, the ship is able to achieve zero pollution discharge. IFTG offers on-off manual valves in this project, and have received a favourable feedbacks.

2016年5月28日,由中航船舶为瑞典船东Terntank 集团公司建造的全球首制15000吨双燃料化学品船首次成功完成柴油模式及天燃气模式完整试航实验,经过油气转换到燃气模式后,可实现零排放环保结果。艾阜得在此项目提供了手动开关阀,并且获得船厂的良好回馈。